Install WordPress on SiteGround Hosting

June 28, 2016

SiteGround has been providing website hosting service for an era now, and they have support for WordPress based web sites. Unlike many other hosting providers, the WordPress hosting plans don’t differ much from the shared hosting plans SiteGround have. Instead, it’s basically the same plan with WordPress installed on top of a regular shared hosting plan, the user can install it by themselves or ask the customer care department to take care of the matter. If you check review of SiteGround from various blogs, you will find that many people are suggesting it for you main hosting. For the pricing, no one should really complain. And if the price still seems to be higher than other providers, a customer can always look for coupon codes from affiliate marketers of SiteGround for discounts.

installing wordpress on siteground

Installation of WordPress on SiteGround is a step by step process, the steps are explained here.

WordPress Installation Package Download hosts the installer package that’s required to install the WordPress files on a website hosting space. The installer is official, and it only takes few minutes to install WordPress on a server system. To download the WordPress installer files, visit the official website and click on the blue rectangular download button on the right pane. The file is lesser than 10 megabytes in size, download and installation shouldn’t take long for this part.

WordPress Package Upload to Server

Once the installer package has been downloaded, the next task is to upload the whole package to SiteGround’s hard drive so that a customer can install WordPress and use it as a primary CMS on SiteGround hosting plans. The most straightforward way to upload these files to SiteGround storage is using a FTP client. If you don’t have any personal preference, we recommend you using FileZilla or CuteFTP.

This files should be inside the public_html folder directory on SiteGround web hosting storage.

MySQL Database for WordPress Hosting

A MySQL database would be required for the WordPress website to function properly. On SiteGround web hosting, creating a MySQL database with full-fledged permissions all around is necessary. Creating a MySQL database is easy, and anyone with basic knowledge on MySQL and PHP should be able to do so. This tutorial provides a more in-depth way of creating a MySQL database. However, once the database is created note down the database name, username and password for further usage.


Once the files are uploaded to the SiteGround hard drives, the database has been created and everything else is in position, it’s time for the installation to being. If the files were uploaded to the public_html folder properly, then opening your domain on a web browser would ask the user for creating a WordPress configuration file, mostly known as wp-config.php. Click on ‘Create a Configuration File’ to create the wp-config.php file, on the next screen click on ‘Let’s Go’. Next page brings fields for the database, customer needs to fill up the Database Name, username and passwords that was noted down in the earlier step. Once done, click on ‘Submit’. On the next screen, clicking on ‘Run the Install’ does rest of the job, the customer only needs to set a username and password for their website for logging in.


Hope you have a clear understanding of WordPress installation on SiteGround hosting. For any trouble during the process, feel free to contact SiteGround customer support.

WP Engine Web Hosting Vs Bluehost Web Hosting

April 12, 2016

If you are looking for a web hosting provider then first think will strike in your mind is budget and services. There are so many hosting companies present in the market. But if we talk about a cost effective hosting provider then WP Engine and Bluehost first comes in mind. They are the most popular hosting providers. It is difficult to decide which one is the best among these two providers. Here we have a simple comparison based on some parameters between WP Engine and Bluehost so that customers can choose which provider is better for hosting their sites.

wp engine vs bluehost


WP Engine is one of the largest and most recognized brands in web hosting industry. It provides high level of support to the customers. WP Engine founded in 2002 and now it is a leading brand in the industry. Bluehost is one of the 20 largest reputable web hosting companies in the world. It established in 2003 and since then it is providing a high quality service which makes it most reputable and reliable hosting provider in the web hosting industry.

Price and Plans:

Bluehost provide service for $3.49 / month and WP Engine for $3.96 / month. You can also save upto 30% by using hosting coupon codes which are offered by the providers. WP Engine offers 3 different plans that are the basic, premium and business hosting plan. You can save a ton of money on WP Engine hosting, if you use coupons from WebHostingFind. While Bluehost only offers 2 plans  that are standard hosting plan and a professional hosting plan. Bluehost also offers VPS, Dedicated Servers and Managed WordPress hosting). Bluehost requires a 1-year commitment it offers yearly plans only, while WP Engine offers both monthly and yearly plans.

Other Features:

Bluehost offers a free domain for one year with 1-2 years of hosting plans while WP Engine does not provide free domain registration. Bluehost provides automated weekly backups but WP Engine charges $15 to restore an automated backup. WP Engine provides website builder software while Bluehost does not provide this feature. Both Bluehost and WP Engine provide $100 Google Adwords voucher so customer can start advertising their new site on the world’s most popular search engine. Both of the providers offers unlimited bandwidth, disk space, Databases, and add-on domains.

Performance and Reliability:

The performance can be rated by the time it takes for loading the web pages and influences search engine ranking position. WP Engine takes 3.4 seconds while Bluehost takes only 2.4 seconds to load a web page. WP Engine guarantees 99.9% uptime but Bluehost does not make uptime guarantees. A 30-day money back guarantee provided by the Bluehost and WP Engine offers a 45-day money back guarantee.

Technical Support Service:

Both companies provide 24×7 hours technical support service via live chat, phone and email. Also provide many useful instructions, tutorials, how-tos, articles to the customers.


Based on above comparison between WP Engine and bluehost we can say it is a very close result, both providers are value for money hosting providers. Both companies provide great service, performance, reliability and technical support, but if you will pay more attention to the hosting price then Bluehost is the better option.

How to Make Money Using Bluehost Affiliate Program

January 1, 2016

Can’t stick to a nine to six work schedule? Well, doesn’t matter; this is not end of the world. At least in this web dominated era you can’t feel helpless on this matter. People earn envy making amount through the web, and the best part is that there is no agony aunt kind of boss who annoys you. Perhaps this is the business that you can go for with least possible invest.

Bluehost coupon and affiliate program

Why you should go with Bluehost affiliate program?

Basically, blogging is considered one of the hottest ways to earn money online, and affiliate marketing is something very important you need to understand well to be a successful web entrepreneur. If you are a blogger and looking towards a suitable affiliate plan, then there can’t be any better recommendation than the bluehost affiliate. Basically you will get Bluehost vouchercode and when people use that code or link you will earn money.

Why? It’s simple as it pays way lot than anyone else. Coming to its commission, they pay sixty five dollars for each referral. In shot, if Bluehost finds single customer through your affiliate link, then you get sixty five dollars. No one really pays that much, you know it well.

How to make money:

Now question arises what’s the secret to gather maximum number of affiliates? In a single word, I can call the secret as being creative. It’s all about promotion, and you can make it done by creating a video tutorial, writing in a SEO friendly way about the particular affiliate, etc.

Win trust through tutorials:

There are many things that you can share in the form of a tutorial at your blog. You already know that each day thousands try their luck for blogging and there are many things to learn as well. You can share your valuable experience with them that can be really handy. Through the process you win the belief, and most importantly you get someone as an affiliate. In addition, even if she/he researches, bluehost is obvious to get good reviews. You can get more information about Bluehost hosting from here. Still, everyone knows someone a tyro in blogging arena has every chance to follow exactly what you say. All that you need is to write impressively, and honestly.

Blend contents with banners

This is another smoothest ways finding your target. You can even just place banners in side bar; as simple as that. However, there is comparatively less chance of getting result.

Hence, the finest way can be to create contents about bluehost (affiliate program), place the banners, and you will be dragging higher number of visitors through the process.

It would be best while writing to use Bluehost affiliate program name as a key word itself. The best part is that in these cases you don’t really need to place an affiliate banner in these cases.

There are many sites available those go with this strategy, you can mark.

Be an Adword expert and jump for affiliate marketing

Diving in to affiliate marketing is also a quite straight forward option. However, you have to be, or look for an efficient affiliate marketer on this regard. If you have no financial worries, you can hire an expert in SEOs who can play with Adwords, or search engines.

Finally, try the above things out and let us know about your experience.

Why is Unique IP Address Necessary in Web Hosting?

November 27, 2015

An internet user is most likely to have heard of the term ‘IP Address’ at least once in their lifetime. Though they are acquainted with the term, not everyone knows what an IP address is. Basically, the IP address is an address for a network machine e.g. a computer or a server and used to redirect and draw traffic from specific IP addresses. Just like a real life home or business address can direct people to get to a specific location, an IP address can also do the same job on cyberspace.

Unique Ip

In web hosting, the hosting provider will provide each user with an IP address. Among all the types of web hosting service, shared and dedicated hosting are most popular. Subscription wise, the shared hosting service is more desired. Not all shared hosting service plan offer a dedicated IP address. Now, why does a webmaster need a unique IP address? You should find the answer in this discussion.

Why is a Unique IP so Necessary?

After getting to know web hosts a little better, you might encounter few situations where a dedicated IP is the only resort that can pull you out. A dedicated IP address is useful in many cases; following are few of the most important ones.


Web hosting with unique IP addresses are convenient, offers more feature and at the same time they are costlier. Hosting coupons can cut the cost though, keep a watch for those. However may be the cost, for more productivity it is always wise to sign up for a unique IP address.

When is the Time to Switch to Dedicated Hosting?

July 3, 2015

After using shared web host for a long time, the users might often feel the urge to move to a better serving web host. Shared web hosts aren’t that bad if the website draws less traffic. But for heavy traffic generating and business websites, shared web host is not just the thing. Apart from this reason, if some webmaster thinks the web host is failing to provide them the service their website needs like a full proportion of ‘unlimited’ bandwidth as promised and not shared, faster CPU processing, better data management etc. – then maybe the time to make the switch has arrived.

Dedicated Hosting

Following might be the criteria for a fair judgment to decide whether you should move to dedicated web hosting server now.


The inexpensive shared web hosts offer a limited quota of bandwidth for each of their accounts, though the initial agreement was made for ‘unlimited’ of everything. That’s true, you get a higher shared of ‘everything’ when only your website uses their server – which is very unlikely to be true in practical cases. For the assessment, the webmasters need to have reasonable understanding of what goes on underneath a web host server.

The reason most people switch from shared host to dedicated is the site bandwidth. However, the lower bandwidth share each user will still not bother most users if their websites are static or text only. Such old school websites only draw a reasonably small amount of bandwidth due to lightweight scripts and contents. Modern interactive and adaptive website components need a faster CPU to process the operations quick in real time, which the shared servers often fail to provide. Needless to say, the lower bandwidth also hinders fast loading of a heavyweight website hosted on a shared web hosting server.

To assess whether your website is struggling with loading or not, try visiting as a regular visitor from different internet connectivity during peak hours. To get the complete picture, check visitor stats during heaviest traffic hours from all across the world. If the hit count looks lot less than anticipated, maybe it’s time you move to a dedicated web host facility.


The basic security protocols of a share web host are pretty strong. However, since one web server is shared among all the users on a shared web host, there is more risk of getting hacked or intruded. For example, if one website on the shared host happens to have security flaw or a breach, then most likely the data of all other websites will be at risk – because they are practically stored on the same hard drive.

On the other hand – dedicated servers are mostly at the owner’s control. The host will only provide the hardware resource; rest is the customer’s responsibility including all security protocols.

Limited Server Options in Shared Hosting

More advanced webmasters know how the shared web hosts don’t really offer advanced controls over their hosting. For example, .htaccess file can’t be tweaked on a shared web host. This is a simple text file script that allows advanced controls like blocking visitors from accessing certain folders hosted on the server, or could be even blocking websites. Controlling the search engine bots in your own way are sometimes very important as well – not provided by most shared hosts. For basic users the .htaccess issue will not bother, but if it does bother you then you may need a dedicated web host already.


To move or not to move – is the decision a webmaster needs to take. These are the influencing factors for a migration. If you think you need to find a dedicated web host for trial then consider using few hosting coupons from affiliate website to get an idea for reduced price.

DreamHost Shared Hosting Vs. Bluehost Shared Hosting

March 5, 2015

Web Hosting services are in very high demand in the present time and it is very important to choose a perfect web hosting service that is able to satisfy your needs. Today we are going to compare about two of the most popular web hosting companies, Bluehost and DreamHost. There are many thing common in both the services but there are also many differences between them attracting two separate groups of customers towards them.


So we are here to compare both the service companies in various aspects and to find out which one of them is more beneficiary to the people and with whom you should go with.


The web hosting as well as wordpress plans which are offered by Bluehost are more or less similar to DreamHost, just like, unlimited number of websites as well as email accounts, unlimited storage space, unlimited monthly transfer, unlimited MySQL database etc. But still you can find a lot of other services in Bluehost which are not offered by DreamHost, which makes Bluehost much better than the other.

In addition to that Bluehost also offers its users a full money back guarantee in which the user can ask for his money to be refunded anytime without any kind of questions. This guarantee is provided by Bluehost because of its confidence in world class service that is offered by it to its users. While on the other hand DreamHost also offers full money back guarantee but it is valid up to 97 days only.


Bluehost plans start from $6.95 per month which makes it the best as well as the cheapest web hosting service that could be availed by the user all over the world. Also the company has been providing a 44 % discount to all the customers which reduces the price of the plan to $3.95 per month.

When compare to Bluehost plans, DreamHost is much costlier, starting at $8.95 per month which is about 130 percent more expensive when compared to Bluehost services.

Customer Service and Support

Bluehost is able to provide a 24×7 hour customer care service to its users. You can always contact the Bluehost service via email, or phone call and you will definitely receive a response from them, whatever may the time be. You will receive the reply from the Bluehost team in less than 15 minutes in case of emails and your call won’t be on hold for more than 15 seconds.

Compared to the fast and snappy speed of Bluehost customer care service, DreamHost is very slower. Even the reply to our email was received in couple of hours which is not acceptable. Also you can contact DreamHost customer care service only via offline methods.


Bluehost is one of the largest web hosting service provider which is highly reliable as well as excellent in performance and customer care service since 1996. At present there are more than 1 million websites under Bluehost, still growing fast at 20,000 new customers joining every month. Checkout Bluehost coupon codes to get discount on Bluehost hosting.

DreamHost on the other hand was found in the year 1997 having almost same features as Bluehost but still lying below the latter in terms of performance, cost, reliability and customer care service.


After looking at the various factors and comparing both the services in various basic and important categories, we would like you to go with Bluehost as it is able to provide the best web hosting service with much more reliability and performance than DreamHost and at a very affordable and cheap price.

What Will go for VPS Hosting or Dedicated Hosting?

March 3, 2015

VPS hosting and dedicated hosting are the new services that are gripping the world with its excellence. The website owner gets dedicated space for the hosting that need not be shared and also come with access and scores of benefits in both of them. However, there are many other things that separate these which sound similar but are different from each other. As the hosting service progresses, it has become important to decide the fate of the hosting service; these two concepts are actually in a battlefield. Even though both of them have distinct advantages and disadvantages; they both are worth discussing and comparing in the hosting service.  The most interesting part of the VSP hosting is that it comes with no additional cost and also provides most of the benefits of the dedicated physical server but in a lower scale.

Vps Dedicated

What is VPS hosting?

It is the virtualization of the server and creation of a dedicated server space meant for your web hosting. The hardware of the main server may be shared, but your allocated hosting resource is completely yours. The bandwidth, RAM, Storage Space and other facilities are not shared with anyone under any circumstances. The virtual machine runs on the different operating system and the customer has the superuser or root file access to the instance of the VPS Server.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is service in which the customer gets dedicate physical server for the hosting purpose. It is completely personal and is not shared with anyone in any manner. The customer has the entire right and full access on the server.

Comparison of VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

The VPS hosting and the dedicated hosting has many benefits over the traditional shared web hosting services. However, they differ from one another as well.


You get most of the benefits of the dedicated physical server with the virtualization but with much lower cost. The storage and the bandwidth allocated to you will not be compromised with others. It gives you upscale performance than shared resources. It also lowers down the risk of frequent outages and impact of other users.


The customer has the superuser access or root file access to the operating system of the machine. This enables you to install any software you feel usable directly to the server. The root file access virtually makes you the administrator of the server. You also get the access to control panel commonly called as the cPanel for administration activities. In addition to it, you can also have the powerful add-ons and other services. In the dedicated hosting customer gets full access to the server and remains the administrator and has all the features included in VPS Hosting.


The Dedicate Hosting is much more secured and stable than VPS Hosting. The prime reason behind it is the dedicated space, bandwidth and high end hard ware services. The dedicate servers are much more stable and secured than virtualized one.

Internet market is expanding at a rapid pace and you need to be competitive every time to make sure you stay in business. VPS hosting and Dedicated Hosting provides you the perfect platform to do it. You have uninterrupted services and very less outage.

Difference Between Managed and Unmanaged Hosting

February 28, 2015

When subscribing for a new hosting service, the users are faced with loads of confusions and dilemmas. The confusions start appearing from the very beginning of purchasing a hosting service. Different types of hosting service is the first confusion they encounter – unless there is a mentor who knows everything about hosting services and is an expert; it isn’t really easy to figure things out. Especially if the person is not an expert in computer in internet; they are certainly going to have a very bad time. To add more dilemmas to their confusion; there are two different types of shared hosting – managed hosting and unmanaged hosting. What are these two types of hosting services? We are about to discuss that now.

Types of Hosting

There are plenty of hosting types, among them shared hosting is one most common and very popular type. In shared hosting services, the provider literally rents their resources for the website owners to use in exchange of a price; lower than the dedicated hosting server prices. Shared hosting are inexpensive because these servers are shared by many users at the same time and this affects the speed and performance of the hosted websites and/or blogs. In dedicated hosting, no speed is shared. Every website gets dedicated bandwidth and resources.

However, shared hosting services come in two forms; managed hosting service and unmanaged hosting service. But awkward enough, most of the service providers don’t even mention the word ‘management’. So the customers often end up subscribing a package that is not the type they were looking for.

Web Hosting

Managed Hosting

In a managed shared hosting service, the service provider is accountable for and takes the charge of maintaining the domain. They will literally do everything for your subscribed managed shared hosting; you will be just paying them for the services. Also you can visit this website for DreamHost discount Say the hosting server goes down to some errors caused by the user or in the user’s end; the provider will still take the responsibility and fix it. On the other hand, they will do their own maintenance as well. However, managed hosting doesn’t fix problems on your website; say an error in the programming. That’s on you.

Unmanaged Hosting

This is the cheapest variant of shared hosting service you can find. This comes at such inexpensive rates just because they literally don’t provide any support. To be specific, no routine checking up of their servers and systems to see if they are alive and running. Basically you pay them for using their server space and bandwidth and the rest is your duty. Some hosting services don’t even offer a control panel from where you can modify your hosting service details.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Unmanaged Hosting Services

Expert bloggers would want to subscribe to unmanaged hosting services. It’s almost like driving a manual transmission car where you get full control over your car but if the car stalls in the middle of the road it’s because you couldn’t drive it properly. Same goes with unmanaged hosting; you get full freedom to do whatever you want but anything you do wrong, you could mess up everything. So you have to know what you are doing. For more web hosting related tutorials visit: MyDreamHostDiscount website.


Balance your budget. Take a peek inside your wallet and do a self-assessment of your skill level. If you think you are low on budget but very expert about blogging, just go for the unmanaged hosting. For the opposite case, it is safe and wise to subscribe for the managed hosting.

Selecting the Best HostGator Coupon for you

February 23, 2015

HostGator DiscountHostGator, as a renowned provider of web hosting as well as related services, implements several features in hosting services to attract more and more customers. While the overwhelming service quality and reliability stand in the first place, yet another reason is the presence of HostGator coupons that can apply a huge discount on the purchase, and hence help customers in saving money. Although HostGator publishes some additional offers in some occasions, like black Friday and Cyber Monday, HostGator coupons would be there at your fingertips at any time. Apparently, there are actually two HostGator coupons that work perfectly fine, regardless what all kinds of offers are present in the web world. Those two coupons are as follows.

Due to the presence of different hosting coupons, you should be careful while using a HostGator coupon! Since you want to get as much profit as possible, you have to follow some steps.

Using HostGator Coupons for as much profit as possible


This is perhaps the best HostGator coupon you can get! This coupon, as we mentioned earlier, can give 25% discount on the whole order. It does not matter, which hosting plan you have selected. Because of this fact, the more you do purchase the more discount you get. An example of discount statistics will let you know the thing effectively.

For instance, we can take the case of the Baby plan of HostGator hosting. Monthly fee of the plan is $9.95, and this is perhaps the most popular HostGator hosting plan due to several reasons. When you are purchasing the service for a year, the amount becomes $119.4. However, when you are using the coupon, you can get a discount of 25%! Therefore, the amount to be paid becomes as follows.

$119.4 – 25%

$119.4 – $29.85

= $89.55

See, now, you can see the actual effect of the HostGator coupon on your order! We hope that the discount of 25% is a big deal for you. In addition, we recommend you to purchase hosting for a long time, because then you can get more discount while doing so.


While the above-mentioned coupon is to get a discount when you purchase the service as a whole, this HostGator coupon will help you in getting rid of first month payment of HostGator hosting plans.

If you are applying the coupon in Baby plan of HostGator, you can skip the first month payment. However, you have to pay $0.01 as the payment for the first month. This is a sort of precaution from HostGator. We hope that spending one cent instead of around $10 is fine with you.

Nevertheless, the coupon is effective on first month only, and you’ll have to pay the actual amount of the plan, $9.95 for the following months. Hence, the coupon will be effective for you if you want to skip only the payment of the first month. Otherwise, you can choose the above-mentioned coupons.


Viewing what we said, you should use the 25% discount coupon if you are purchasing the service for a long time, due to the fact that you will get more discount. However, in such kinds of expensive purchases, it is not wise to use the 1-cent coupon.

Finding and Using HostGator Coupons for Discounts on HostGator Hosting

December 1, 2013

While you purchase products and services for your upcoming blog or website, you should provide best concentration to the task, because a wrong decision could tamper your complete efforts. The level of concentration becomes even crucial, when it comes to the case of web hosting service. The problem is, however, that there are many web hosting providers present in the web world. Thus, different factors should be in your priority list while you are purchasing a web hosting from a good company. Unlike other products/services, the priority list of web hosting selection consists of various components. Therefore, we will have a look into major factors, you should consider while selecting a web hosting provider from the relatively huge list.

What to Check while Choosing Web Hosting?

What stands in the pivotal position of the priority list is the reliability of the web hosting service. Since you don’t like to see your website not functioning in a sudden moment, you should give primary importance for the reliability of that hosting provider. At the same time, for the sake of uninterrupted functioning, you should confirm the efficiency of those web hosting servers. Once you have confirmed both of these factors in that web host, then you can take the affordability of service into the account. Along with this, you should consider whether the hosting providers offer any kinds of discount offers. Here comes the importance of HostGator, which is indeed an awesome provider of web hosting services. HostGator which started its endeavor in 2002, has acquired such an awesome privilege of superb service, and now hosts more than 8 million domain names, which is a clear evidence of popularity and trust as well. In addition to these factors, dedication of the service towards customers is the main reason, why HostGator comes to the first position of hosting providers for an experienced web-based professional, including both bloggers and internet marketers.

HostGator Coupons – Overview and Examples

HostGator Review

HostGator coupon is perhaps one of the easiest ways to avail discounts while you purchase a service from HostGator hosting. Once you have applied a HostGator coupon in the order, you can save notable amount on the specific order. Unlike some other competitors in the marketers, HostGator offers HostGator coupons for new customers as well as existing customers.

For instance, while you use FirstMonthFreeSale in the HostGator order, you can avail a discount of $9, which is indeed a big deal for newbies. On the other hand, SuperSaleCoupon can help you to get a discount of 25% on whole order. Thus, if you are making a purchase of $100, you will have to pay just $75.

Finding HostGator Coupons

Since most of HostGator coupons are package-based ones, you should select a specific HostGator hosting plan from the list. After that, you can start exploring the vast sea of HostGator coupons, in which you can find coupons to avail discount from almost every hosting package. Although HostGator uses the default coupon code ‘SNAPPY’ to give you a discount of 20%, you should use external HostGator coupons to get more discount. For instance, you can use one of the HostGator coupon HostGator1stMonthFree to get a discount of $9.94. Like this, you can find a lot of HostGator coupons to avail discount from the order. Obviously, these coupons are a kind of double-advantage of each customer of HostGator hosting.