DreamHost Shared Hosting Vs. Bluehost Shared Hosting

March 5, 2015

Web Hosting services are in very high demand in the present time and it is very important to choose a perfect web hosting service that is able to satisfy your needs. Today we are going to compare about two of the most popular web hosting companies, Bluehost and DreamHost. There are many thing common in both the services but there are also many differences between them attracting two separate groups of customers towards them.


So we are here to compare both the service companies in various aspects and to find out which one of them is more beneficiary to the people and with whom you should go with.


The web hosting as well as wordpress plans which are offered by Bluehost are more or less similar to DreamHost, just like, unlimited number of websites as well as email accounts, unlimited storage space, unlimited monthly transfer, unlimited MySQL database etc. But still you can find a lot of other services in Bluehost which are not offered by DreamHost, which makes Bluehost much better than the other.

In addition to that Bluehost also offers its users a full money back guarantee in which the user can ask for his money to be refunded anytime without any kind of questions. This guarantee is provided by Bluehost because of its confidence in world class service that is offered by it to its users. While on the other hand DreamHost also offers full money back guarantee but it is valid up to 97 days only.


Bluehost plans start from $6.95 per month which makes it the best as well as the cheapest web hosting service that could be availed by the user all over the world. Also the company has been providing a 44 % discount to all the customers which reduces the price of the plan to $3.95 per month.

When compare to Bluehost plans, DreamHost is much costlier, starting at $8.95 per month which is about 130 percent more expensive when compared to Bluehost services.

Customer Service and Support

Bluehost is able to provide a 24×7 hour customer care service to its users. You can always contact the Bluehost service via email, or phone call and you will definitely receive a response from them, whatever may the time be. You will receive the reply from the Bluehost team in less than 15 minutes in case of emails and your call won’t be on hold for more than 15 seconds.

Compared to the fast and snappy speed of Bluehost customer care service, DreamHost is very slower. Even the reply to our email was received in couple of hours which is not acceptable. Also you can contact DreamHost customer care service only via offline methods.


Bluehost is one of the largest web hosting service provider which is highly reliable as well as excellent in performance and customer care service since 1996. At present there are more than 1 million websites under Bluehost, still growing fast at 20,000 new customers joining every month. Checkout Bluehost coupon codes to get discount on Bluehost hosting.

DreamHost on the other hand was found in the year 1997 having almost same features as Bluehost but still lying below the latter in terms of performance, cost, reliability and customer care service.


After looking at the various factors and comparing both the services in various basic and important categories, we would like you to go with Bluehost as it is able to provide the best web hosting service with much more reliability and performance than DreamHost and at a very affordable and cheap price.