Selecting the Best HostGator Coupon for you

February 23, 2015

HostGator DiscountHostGator, as a renowned provider of web hosting as well as related services, implements several features in hosting services to attract more and more customers. While the overwhelming service quality and reliability stand in the first place, yet another reason is the presence of HostGator coupons that can apply a huge discount on the purchase, and hence help customers in saving money. Although HostGator publishes some additional offers in some occasions, like black Friday and Cyber Monday, HostGator coupons would be there at your fingertips at any time. Apparently, there are actually two HostGator coupons that work perfectly fine, regardless what all kinds of offers are present in the web world. Those two coupons are as follows.

Due to the presence of different hosting coupons, you should be careful while using a HostGator coupon! Since you want to get as much profit as possible, you have to follow some steps.

Using HostGator Coupons for as much profit as possible


This is perhaps the best HostGator coupon you can get! This coupon, as we mentioned earlier, can give 25% discount on the whole order. It does not matter, which hosting plan you have selected. Because of this fact, the more you do purchase the more discount you get. An example of discount statistics will let you know the thing effectively.

For instance, we can take the case of the Baby plan of HostGator hosting. Monthly fee of the plan is $9.95, and this is perhaps the most popular HostGator hosting plan due to several reasons. When you are purchasing the service for a year, the amount becomes $119.4. However, when you are using the coupon, you can get a discount of 25%! Therefore, the amount to be paid becomes as follows.

$119.4 – 25%

$119.4 – $29.85

= $89.55

See, now, you can see the actual effect of the HostGator coupon on your order! We hope that the discount of 25% is a big deal for you. In addition, we recommend you to purchase hosting for a long time, because then you can get more discount while doing so.


While the above-mentioned coupon is to get a discount when you purchase the service as a whole, this HostGator coupon will help you in getting rid of first month payment of HostGator hosting plans.

If you are applying the coupon in Baby plan of HostGator, you can skip the first month payment. However, you have to pay $0.01 as the payment for the first month. This is a sort of precaution from HostGator. We hope that spending one cent instead of around $10 is fine with you.

Nevertheless, the coupon is effective on first month only, and you’ll have to pay the actual amount of the plan, $9.95 for the following months. Hence, the coupon will be effective for you if you want to skip only the payment of the first month. Otherwise, you can choose the above-mentioned coupons.


Viewing what we said, you should use the 25% discount coupon if you are purchasing the service for a long time, due to the fact that you will get more discount. However, in such kinds of expensive purchases, it is not wise to use the 1-cent coupon.