When is the Time to Switch to Dedicated Hosting?

July 3, 2015

After using shared web host for a long time, the users might often feel the urge to move to a better serving web host. Shared web hosts aren’t that bad if the website draws less traffic. But for heavy traffic generating and business websites, shared web host is not just the thing. Apart from this reason, if some webmaster thinks the web host is failing to provide them the service their website needs like a full proportion of ‘unlimited’ bandwidth as promised and not shared, faster CPU processing, better data management etc. – then maybe the time to make the switch has arrived.

Dedicated Hosting

Following might be the criteria for a fair judgment to decide whether you should move to dedicated web hosting server now.


The inexpensive shared web hosts offer a limited quota of bandwidth for each of their accounts, though the initial agreement was made for ‘unlimited’ of everything. That’s true, you get a higher shared of ‘everything’ when only your website uses their server – which is very unlikely to be true in practical cases. For the assessment, the webmasters need to have reasonable understanding of what goes on underneath a web host server.

The reason most people switch from shared host to dedicated is the site bandwidth. However, the lower bandwidth share each user will still not bother most users if their websites are static or text only. Such old school websites only draw a reasonably small amount of bandwidth due to lightweight scripts and contents. Modern interactive and adaptive website components need a faster CPU to process the operations quick in real time, which the shared servers often fail to provide. Needless to say, the lower bandwidth also hinders fast loading of a heavyweight website hosted on a shared web hosting server.

To assess whether your website is struggling with loading or not, try visiting as a regular visitor from different internet connectivity during peak hours. To get the complete picture, check visitor stats during heaviest traffic hours from all across the world. If the hit count looks lot less than anticipated, maybe it’s time you move to a dedicated web host facility.


The basic security protocols of a share web host are pretty strong. However, since one web server is shared among all the users on a shared web host, there is more risk of getting hacked or intruded. For example, if one website on the shared host happens to have security flaw or a breach, then most likely the data of all other websites will be at risk – because they are practically stored on the same hard drive.

On the other hand – dedicated servers are mostly at the owner’s control. The host will only provide the hardware resource; rest is the customer’s responsibility including all security protocols.

Limited Server Options in Shared Hosting

More advanced webmasters know how the shared web hosts don’t really offer advanced controls over their hosting. For example, .htaccess file can’t be tweaked on a shared web host. This is a simple text file script that allows advanced controls like blocking visitors from accessing certain folders hosted on the server, or could be even blocking websites. Controlling the search engine bots in your own way are sometimes very important as well – not provided by most shared hosts. For basic users the .htaccess issue will not bother, but if it does bother you then you may need a dedicated web host already.


To move or not to move – is the decision a webmaster needs to take. These are the influencing factors for a migration. If you think you need to find a dedicated web host for trial then consider using few hosting coupons from affiliate website to get an idea for reduced price.

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