Why is Unique IP Address Necessary in Web Hosting?

November 27, 2015

An internet user is most likely to have heard of the term ‘IP Address’ at least once in their lifetime. Though they are acquainted with the term, not everyone knows what an IP address is. Basically, the IP address is an address for a network machine e.g. a computer or a server and used to redirect and draw traffic from specific IP addresses. Just like a real life home or business address can direct people to get to a specific location, an IP address can also do the same job on cyberspace.

Unique Ip

In web hosting, the hosting provider will provide each user with an IP address. Among all the types of web hosting service, shared and dedicated hosting are most popular. Subscription wise, the shared hosting service is more desired. Not all shared hosting service plan offer a dedicated IP address. Now, why does a webmaster need a unique IP address? You should find the answer in this discussion.

Why is a Unique IP so Necessary?

After getting to know web hosts a little better, you might encounter few situations where a dedicated IP is the only resort that can pull you out. A dedicated IP address is useful in many cases; following are few of the most important ones.


Web hosting with unique IP addresses are convenient, offers more feature and at the same time they are costlier. Hosting coupons can cut the cost though, keep a watch for those. However may be the cost, for more productivity it is always wise to sign up for a unique IP address.

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