What Will go for VPS Hosting or Dedicated Hosting?

March 3, 2015

VPS hosting and dedicated hosting are the new services that are gripping the world with its excellence. The website owner gets dedicated space for the hosting that need not be shared and also come with access and scores of benefits in both of them. However, there are many other things that separate these which sound similar but are different from each other. As the hosting service progresses, it has become important to decide the fate of the hosting service; these two concepts are actually in a battlefield. Even though both of them have distinct advantages and disadvantages; they both are worth discussing and comparing in the hosting service.  The most interesting part of the VSP hosting is that it comes with no additional cost and also provides most of the benefits of the dedicated physical server but in a lower scale.

Vps Dedicated

What is VPS hosting?

It is the virtualization of the server and creation of a dedicated server space meant for your web hosting. The hardware of the main server may be shared, but your allocated hosting resource is completely yours. The bandwidth, RAM, Storage Space and other facilities are not shared with anyone under any circumstances. The virtual machine runs on the different operating system and the customer has the superuser or root file access to the instance of the VPS Server.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is service in which the customer gets dedicate physical server for the hosting purpose. It is completely personal and is not shared with anyone in any manner. The customer has the entire right and full access on the server.

Comparison of VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

The VPS hosting and the dedicated hosting has many benefits over the traditional shared web hosting services. However, they differ from one another as well.


You get most of the benefits of the dedicated physical server with the virtualization but with much lower cost. The storage and the bandwidth allocated to you will not be compromised with others. It gives you upscale performance than shared resources. It also lowers down the risk of frequent outages and impact of other users.


The customer has the superuser access or root file access to the operating system of the machine. This enables you to install any software you feel usable directly to the server. The root file access virtually makes you the administrator of the server. You also get the access to control panel commonly called as the cPanel for administration activities. In addition to it, you can also have the powerful add-ons and other services. In the dedicated hosting customer gets full access to the server and remains the administrator and has all the features included in VPS Hosting.


The Dedicate Hosting is much more secured and stable than VPS Hosting. The prime reason behind it is the dedicated space, bandwidth and high end hard ware services. The dedicate servers are much more stable and secured than virtualized one.

Internet market is expanding at a rapid pace and you need to be competitive every time to make sure you stay in business. VPS hosting and Dedicated Hosting provides you the perfect platform to do it. You have uninterrupted services and very less outage.

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